Top 5 US Cities That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Top 5 US Cities That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Americans love to travel more than anything. For most of them it is their passion and for some it is life. Travel in groups to know others, travel as a couple to know each other and travel alone to know yourself better. The essence of traveling has always been learning something new.

While traveling you may learn about places, people, food, trends, etc. Are you a travel enthusiast by birth or have you recently started exploring different geographical locations? Traveling always add value to your life. We will suggest you pack bags to these incredible locations before you get too old to travel.

Tons of people love to reach and enjoy new destinations despite the warm weather. For summer months come with the plus of longer days. You may be one of those many whose travel streaks peak with the onset of summer. This post is written with an intent to help you narrow down the list of places to visit. The places and cites included in this list are those which are favorites of Americans and the tourists from all over the world.

1. Big Apple (New York)

Big Apple (New York)

If you happen to visit the US before you know what we are talking about. Yes, you guessed it. The New York City is not only the most populous but the most popular American city as well. It has many remarkable places to visit and hence is the favorite of the domestic as well as the international tourists.

World-class city New York tops the list of visitors because of the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and the Empire State Building but the attractions are not limited to these only. If you and your family happen to visit New York don’t forget to go for a leisurely walk on the High line. You will treasure the memories of this old-railroad-track-turned-park because of the unmatched amalgamation of greenery, artwork and skyline views.

2. Washington, the capital city

Washington, the capital city

As you can expect from the capital city, it actually has a lot to offer to its visitors of every age group. While you can plan to see museums and monuments which are free with kids you enhance their knowledge, especially about the history of the states. This is possibly why you will able to sight many school groups coming in.

Famous places with great historical importance include Mount Vernon, George Washington’s plantation, the White House to name some of them. And there is a long list of museums like the Smithsonian, the national museum of American history, the National Museum of the American Indian. For an overdose of museums, you can continue with the United States Holocaust Museum, the National Air and Space Museum, the National Gallery of Art.

If you happen to visit Washington in late March until early April it is completely worth paying a visit to the famous cherry blossoms as they are in full bloom during this time. While you have to spend time watching the Jefferson Memorial and memorials to Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Rev.Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. you should not miss other very important monuments like the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the World War II memorial.

3. LA


Who is spared from the magic of Hollywood not only in America but the entire world? Come US and don’t visit Los Angeles- can you commit a bigger mistake in life? Not sure. You cannot turn down the urge of Hollywood fan inside you to skip on heading to Los Angeles from wherever you are. Mere imagination of a glimpse of Hollywood celebrities and mild breezes passing the streaks of your hair may give you sleepless nights.

Make sure you visit the beautiful beaches of Venice Beach, Malibu or Santa Monica. Those who prefer a luxurious stay can afford to actually stay at hotels here.

4. The Second City-Chicago

The Second City-Chicago

It may interest you to know that the name Second City comes to Chicago because of the fact that it comes second to New York City in both size and population. It gives a tough fight to New York and LA because of a skyline along with a gateway to shopping, museums, restaurants, and activities.

It hosts tons of national and international guests because of the great architecture of the city. You can opt as per your preference between a land tour or from a boat on Lake Michigan. While the Art Institute of Chicago is the country’s one of the top art museums, Millennium Park adds on to the list of attractions of the city. Don’t forget to book tickets for a Cubs game at famous Wrigley Field, if you are fortunate enough to be in Chicago in the baseball season.

5. Sin City – Las Vegas

 Sin City - Las Vegas

“What happens here stays here”. This slogan is so popular about Las Vegas. Would you not like to try your luck in range of world-class casinos here? World class shopping experiences with top-notch restaurants make Las Vegas the top dessert destination.

Whichever choice you and your group make for your next vacation, two things come to you naturally -unlimited fun and long cherished memories.  For each of these cities are more than ready and waiting for you to offer love and peace.

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