May Be You Are Born To Be A Lifestyle Entrepreneur

With the Digital Age spreading its roots & filling the world with its dose of undisputed influence, a new breed of entrepreneur has taken birth. This new generation is ‘happening n peppy’ and shares nothing in common with other entrepreneurs; be it their values or everyday activities. They launch businesses to willfully work on them and not in them. Their approach is about building businesses that run over the internet on autopilot.

Creating a target lifestyle is the vision of these entrepreneurs; hence, they create businesses that bless them with that particular lifestyle alongside showering valuable products & services to audience across the universe.

Are your future goals the same like these creative geniuses? Before determining that, take a look at what this term is…

‘A Lifestyle Entrepreneur’! Yes, you read that right.

Thinking, does this term even has a definition? Well, it does.

“An innovative individual who creates a business with an aim to enhance their personal lifestyle and not to just reap profits, bags the title of ‘Lifestyle Entrepreneur’. This person is inclined towards his/her passion and doesn’t mind spending whole life in living it in every way possible”.

If you are in a dilemma and unable to decide whether or not your personality has these genes, possessing these 7 signs will prove that yes, you are born to be a lifestyle entrepreneur.

1.You can’t tolerate politics

Corporate culture is a major turn-off for you; thus, sailing your way up some corporate ladder is the last thing you are interested in. ‘Who’s getting promoted?’, ‘what designation one is working at?’, ‘who sits in the corner desk?’, are matters you don’t give a damn. For you, these things mean nothing. Neither you are ever caught around a lunch table gossiping out about other colleagues and their affairs, nor you have the habit of sucking up to seniors. You keep your position and ego miles away.


2. You hate commuting

Sitting in traffic kills you! Commuting back and forth to the same place every 5 days of a week, month after month, year after year, just like others around you seems depressing to you. In your eyes, commuting means a walk from the kitchen to the home office, from your hotel to the lobby restaurant and from your beautiful home to your favorite cafe.


3.You have no room for inefficiency

Throughout your life, you have believed in working hard and have special admiration for people who have robust work ethic. However, deep inside, your desire is working smart over hard. You look for ways to turn the simple things, creative, catchy and easy. You challenge yourself at every step and that hidden talent in you wants to grow more each day. Seeing people doing things the way they have always been doing, frustrates you to the core. People with no zeal to grow in life are the ones you prefer maintaining distance from.

Your wish is owning a business that’s out of the box and needs little resources yet pours exceptional profits.


4. You don’t mind paying the right people

There’s no doubt you maintain high standards, still you know that you are not perfect. If you find someone more capable than you, you don’t think twice before delegating the task to them and giving them an opportunity to showcase their best side. You are open to hiring someone in areas where your talent or experience is confined. For you, wasting time is silly. By paying others for certain tasks, you invest your efforts in other things to generate more profits and spend the money.


5. Trading time for money & a limit on income potential are big ‘NO’ for you

Unlike majority of the employed population, you neither trade for money nor see a ceiling on your income. You are drawn towards the concept of involving in activities that pay for long term. To achieve the goal, you plan strategies that work in your favor and hire & train people who can work for you & fetch results. Also, you are good with the idea of possessing assets that yield handsome funds and pay you for long.

Leverage is something that excites you. Leveraging systems and time & resources of other skilled people helps you to come up with ways that meet customers’ needs without taking much time. You believe that not the quantity of hours worked but the quality of work performed is all that matters.


6.New projects attract you

You need stimulating soil to grow and turn into a fruitful tree. Similar, easy, not challenging and repetitive tasks are not your cup of tea. You are born with the boon of handling multiple projects at a time and that too at the best of your performance. In fact, such things push you further for all the good reasons. Your mind shoots new ideas almost all the time and there’s no limit to your creativity & innovation.


7. It’s all about freedom over security

You just can’t compromise on your freedom. You are free spirit who does what your soul want, when it want, how it want and with who it want. Fear of losing job doesn’t scare you for you believe that earning income is not about having just a single source.

Financial independence has always been your goal and you make it through your personal resources. Your brain knows how to create different & multiple channels to earn not just good but best.



Feeling related? Reading each line was creating that personal connection and leaving you amazed like never before? Well if so, you, without a trace of doubt, are meant to become a ‘Lifestyle Entrepreneur’.

You may not get support in the beginning or your start may be laughed at or challenged by others but for that powerful and confident soul you are, take the first step right now!

Annie Johnson

Annie Johnson with a total experience of 9 years, is currently working as a content strategist at, a US based company offering a wide range of genuine and natural products for well-being, radiant skin, and weight loss. A specialist in content creation and promotion, she enjoys wearing the project management hat.

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