Constant connection with nature! Do you know what is it? This universal bond is something with an immediate impact on one’s physical and mental status.

A number of researches have proved the scientific evidence of how nature is incredibly good for health. The invigorating flora & fauna, the melodious chirping of birds, the lush green mountains, the sparkling rivers and the fresh air have so much in themselves to cheer up even a hopeless soul.

Broken relationship, unstable professional life, financial crunches, health issues, whatever reason is making you feel shattered, this blog will set a path of happiness in your life. Keeping the importance of ‘Forest Bathing’ in consideration, which most of us are unaware about, here you will find an unusual way to bring back your lost peace and spirit.

What Is Forest Bathing?


Bathtub filled with leaves and twigs. Is that you are assuming with this strange term? Well, it’s absolutely not that in any way for it involves being in a natural environment and keeping away from all the electronic gadgets.

Also known as ‘Shinrin Yoku’, the term was developed in the 1980s in Japan. Its meaning is absorbing in the forest atmosphere and allowing the nature better the health, reduce stress, sweeten the relationships and make one happier & contented.


  • More energy
  • Enhanced sleep
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Increase in sense of happiness
  • Improved immune system
  • Improved concentration level
  • Reductions of stress hormones

The Science Behind Forest Bath & Why It’s A Must For Everyone

An Escape Into The Relaxation Mode


As per the scientific studies, forest bathing drops down the physiological effects of stress. How? By reducing the level of cortisol, the stress hormone. Moreover, it lowers the blood pressure too. What else? It decreases levels of dopamine and adrenaline to bless the body with the needed relaxed feeling. Fatigue, confusion and anxiety, all the evils are put to permanent sleep.

Increase in adiponectin, a serum protein hormone safeguards from serious disorders like type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Boost In Immune System


Breathing in the forest air works wonders for the immune system. Presence of phytoncide, a natural essential oil ejected by plants and trees, helps in battling against various ailments as the oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Taking in these chemicals enables the body to increase the number as well as activity of white blood cells, which kills virus-infected cells and tumor in the human body.

More Consumption Of Oxygen-Rich Air


When trees use energy imbibed from sunlight, they release oxygen and produce glucose. This way, they provide us oxygen, something we can’t exist without. Also, fresh air has less pollutants and more oxygen compared to the cities.

Distance From Devices


Amazing things happen with health when computers, mobiles and tablets are detached. These electronic devices shade humans from the natural world by taking away their major time, which eventually leads to stress on the pre-frontal cortex in the brain and cognitively fatigue too.

When these modern devices are kept aside, brain functioning boosts; thus, making us awake and focused. Bonus point is the pleasure eyes get to rest & recover from the annoying screens.

More Creativity


The way we think and behave are to a great extent influenced by the environment we are surrounded by. For musicians, poets and artists, nature has always served as a source of inspiration. Not only these artists, even scientists gush over appreciating the positive impact of nature. Who other than Sir Isaac Newton had the creative mind to discover gravity in nature by seeing just an apple falling from a tree? Similar are the writers of the romantic era who always used nature as their inspiration to innovate their work.

Nature: How It Inspires & Makes You Creative?


It has been found that 50% people turn creative regarding their problems when exposed to nature and kept away from electronic devices. Credit for the amazing sense of relief goes to increased exposure to natural stimuli that not only instills positivity but also fades away that low feeling.

Forest Bathing Is Possible Even Without The Forest

Everyone is not fortunate enough to live in close proximity to a forest, especially those who live in the busy cities. For such people, bathing in forest made of thousands of trees isn’t practical but possible. Surprised? Take a look at some excellent ways to meet the goal in the absence of forest:

  • Visualization: If stuck inside a building that has no window, take out 5 minutes, close your eyes and breath deeply while visualizing a forest.
  • Natural lighting. Be it home or office, try surrounding yourself with natural and soft light rather than artificial lighting.
  • Brew a herbal tea: Stay connected to nature by brewing herbs from your garden.
  • Potted plants: Have plants at the work desk in the office to recreate a forest-like scenario, and to freshen-up the air. Having lots of plants at home is quite easy and a good way to breathe pure oxygen.

Hopefully, you must have liked the concept of ‘Forest Bathing’. Whatever pressure you are under in or how much disappointed or upset you are, give this helpful idea a try and see everything falls in place. Already happy? Still do it to double up the pleasure & delight.

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