Flaunt Healthy And Radiant Skin Throughout Summer

Flaunt Healthy And Radiant Skin Throughout Summer

Extra oils and sebum are the by-products of American summer. For every girl who takes it to college or office, it is vital to have a clear and fresh skin. Wearing makeup to hide spots, blemishes and tans can be an option but what if you are aware of the minuses of wearing makeup for prolonged periods.

Skin imperfections are not ever-desired but you have to deal with them. In hot months it becomes more difficult to flaunt a beautiful face.

Most common skin troubles during summer

Most common skin troubles during summer

Sans skin problems you can win hearts where you go. Such is your personality and dressing sense. But how to have a radiant skin when the Sun is at its best remains to be the topmost concern of most of the female squad.

Knowing common skin problems of summer will help you do homework and prevent them from happening. Also, you would be keen to find solutions to them as well. Why delay now? Let us acquaint ourselves with the summer skin problems now.

Prickly heat- Rising temperature can give your skin a tough time. Around this time of the year, your sweat glands get blocked as they over-work. Now when sweat cannot find an exit they build up tiny, itchy bumps under the skin. These are accompanied with prickly sensation on your skin.

Acne breakouts- People with acne-prone skin suffer it more during hot months of the year. They may get uglier with sweat and oil mixes on your skin. Bacterial activity can clog your pores which lead to breakouts.

Back Acne- They can spread out in both men and women throughout the year but come more in sight during the summer months. It is actually when your back gets exposed and you have naked shoulders.

Back breakouts hit you more in summer because of excessive sweating.

Folliculitis- Follicles are the openings from which hair strands grow on your skin. Their infection is known as folliculitis. Similar to pimples in appearance they are itchy and tender. These can happen to you anywhere on the body where there is hair. However, they commonly occur on the face, scalp, armpits, back, chest, neck, thighs and butts.

Uneven skin tone- Patches may look good on some of your apparels but when it comes to your skin it looks great only when it is smooth and even. But on the contrary, summers gift you with an uneven skin tone. Exposure to hot Sun and heat are the main culprits behind. Those who are prone to pigmentation can expect flare-ups due to excessive production of melanin cells.

Dry-irritated skin- Now this may come as a surprise to many. Who does have this during sweaty and irritating sunny weather? Most of you must be trying to get rid of the oil and stickiness on your skin but this problem is also genuine. For those who get over-exposed to pool water, air conditioner and sun it is a big issue.

Body odor- This list could never have been complete without body odor problems making a place in it. Body odor results to be produced in more quantities with excessive sweating. Body folds like your armpits harbor bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide. It is due to the formation of hydrogen sulfide, body odor bolts you down.

Glowing gift for each one of you- To-die-for tips for summer skincare

Summers make great times for family vacations as kids have long holiday period. Has your grandmother been telling you not to go out when Sun is on and to always carry a cotton scarf along? It is high time to update yourself on skin protection and beautification for the summer season.

Dark spots, pigmentation and tanning are a few names to the havoc that summers can create for you. Don’t let them be your guests this summer and have a cool skin throughout.

  • Butter it up.Don’t reserve moisturizing routine for colder months only. Your skin needs it in summer months too. Buy a water based moisturizer for barricading sunburns, pollutants and bacteria.
  • Exfoliate rightly.Scrub off the dead skin before you apply any new cream to it. Exfoliation of skin at regular intervals is essential to wash off the possibility of clogging up pores.
  • Invest in sunscreen.Sunblock is popular amongst girls of all age groups. Sometimes we complain that despite their use tan happens.
    Invest in sunscreen

    For avoiding this from happening you should ensure that you buy a good enough sun protection for your skin. Apply generously it to the whole lot of your exposed skin and repeat it after every few hours.

  • Grow Aloe Vera in your kitchen garden.It will be easy to pick as many fresh leaves as you want from there. Make friends with Aloe Vera in summer to keep your skin cool and problem free throughout. Its anti-inflammatory properties are soothing, calming and nourishing. Pluck it and scoop out the gel from a leaf.
Grow Aloe Vera in your kitchen garden

Remember prevention is better than cure and your skin follows it big-heartedly. Wait not till the damage is done but wake up early to stop it from happening. Gulping down plain water can, directly and indirectly, benefit your skin in summer. Excuse yourself in mid of everything you do for fetching a glass of water.

If you want you can share these fabulous skin care tips with your BFFs.

Cheers to girl power!!

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