Exposing 7 Deadly Reasons Behind Your Failed Online Marketing

Exposing 7 Deadly Reasons Behind Your Failed Online Marketing

With Internet becoming the elementary source of communication between the business and customers, marketing the business successfully is the way to survive.

You can try the best of your caliber to utilize trial & error techniques, drink that bitter black coffee all night long thinking on how to make it big, but all you face is difficulty to hit the bull’s-eye. All the efforts would fail and you will be left standing all alone wondering the reasons behind all the disappointment.

If you are going through this dreadful reality at the moment, this post could save your life and your online presence. How? Because here you will come across the 7 main causes that may be sinking your marketing goals. Want to discover these reasons this very minute? Here you go…

1. Your SEO Is Overshadowing Quality Content

Your SEO Is Overshadowing Quality Content

No doubt, Search Engine Optimization is an excellent tool; you must focus on creating informative, relevant and juicy content. Meeting the expectations of your target market is something not to compromise at any cost. When creativity is murdered by keywords obsession, the consequences are horrifying.

What To Do:

Because it’s your site that is the first and the final point of contact you share with your audience, ensure it is:

  • Exciting & interesting to make users crave for more
  • Easy to navigate
  • Giving users the feeling that time spent by them is worth

2. Your Attempts Are On Becoming A Jack Of Every Social Channel

Your Attempts Are On Becoming A Jack Of Every Social Channel

A common mistake made by most of the businesses. Rather than striving to create influence everywhere, it’s good to understand that every social media platform has its own social purpose. Yes, it tastes yummy to mark presence everywhere, this isn’t the favorable policy unless there’s ample time, innovation and human resources for powerful and enthralling presence.

Trying to showcase your presence everywhere gives an impression that you are more interested in being all over rather than keeping yourself confined to the best channels where you can leverage things effectively.

What To Do:

  • Shift focus on just 2-3 platforms that are relevant to the target market
  • Follow the functional aspects of social networks – for instance, Facebook for promotions, consider Twitter for customer service and Pinterest for visual engagement

3. Website Isn’t Meeting User Expectations

Website Isn’t Meeting User Expectations

Driving traffic on to the website to increase the conversions is the goal behind online marketing. When the site fails to be up to scratch while that so-called traffic is generated, things will bounce in the future and marketing hard-work will sink.

What To Do:

  • Give unparalleled importance to design and user experience
  • Test how audience interacts with your site
  • Reassess the product offering and range because it’s highly possible for this to be where the problem is

4. Engagement Efforts Are Missing Consistency

 Engagement Efforts Are Missing Consistency

It has been observed that majority of businesses fail in keeping their attempts regular. As a result, consumers are put off and all the desire to engage them for long-term relationship dies.

What To Do:

  • Refrain from creating strategies where at once you are active like crazy but undergo hibernation after a certain time. For instance, you can’t expect followers on a social media channel where you have not been active since a long period of time.
  • There’s nothing to feel low about when fan-following isn’t rising as expected. Instead, test variety of content at different times to find out where, when and which engagement plan gels with the target market.
  • Plenty of social media accounts hit the Internet every other day. Unfortunately, most of these businesses lose all the zeal & enthusiasm much before any countable following is built.

5.Marketing & Spam Are Different

Marketing & Spam Are Different

Undeniably, email marketing is a promising retention strategy; however, excess of everything is bad. Overindulging in it can backfire in the negative way and that too the contact list.

What To Do:

  • Say no to purchasing lists. Make sure all your contacts have signed up on their own to receive emails from you.
  • Emailing frequently will drag you back. A piece of suggestion here is emailing once a week. But, but, but, your emails or newsletters must contain that’s new and compelling.
  • Don’t act self-centered. Your newsletter should be compelling, useful and loaded with informative and entertaining stuff for the readers.

6. Marketing Teams Are Not Cooperative

Marketing Teams Are Not Cooperative

A continuous and affectionate interaction between different teams and departments like PR, SEO and Marketing is the prerequisite of online marketing. Each team must welcome ideas from others and together they must plan the work flow & management.

What To Do:

  • Give your best to create a culture of collaboration between different marketing teams and motivate them to support each other.
  • Create a 360-degree brand plan and discuss it with all the teams. This will ensure everyone is on the same page and working in accordance with each other or mutual bonding.

7. Budget Isn’t Adding Up To The Ideas

Budget Isn’t Adding Up To The Ideas

When the ideas are big but you are unable to make investments in shaping them into action, drop all the hopes of flying high with success. Here, staying realistic about the budget and looking for ways to expand the expenses is a smart move, only when you trust your dedication of making it big tomorrow.

What To Do:

  • To continue expanding, reinvest the profits. Initial stage, i.e. the time when you are unsure about brand awareness, demands expenditure.
  • Time is equally important. Word-of-mouth campaign or buzz marketing definitely require you to invest the much needed time.


Apart from these 7 major reasons, there could be several other causes that are falling down your marketing strategies. Therefore, a careful assessment is vital to position yourself in a better position. Fix the little things and identify everything before implementing any strategy to take your marketing on the right track.

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Working in Amazing7 Studios enjoys graphic designing, website designing and writing blogs for enthusiasts of web development and designing community.

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