11 Office Fitness Activities: We Like To Move It, Move It!

“Office stress and working environment leads to life threatening problems. However comfortable your rolling chair is, sitting in lounged or erect position for 9 hours is never going to be good for a long time. Companies are investing fortune to present gift of healthy life to their employees. Are you considerate enough?” You can increase 25% of your productivity by just eating healthy and 15% by exercising daily. A healthy body ...

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18 Best Workout DVDs For A Chiseled ‘YOU’

Fitness freak by heart? Can’t survive without exercising? Love exploring new workouts? If “YES! YES! YES!” is your answer to all these questions, this post will rock you. Cardio, strength training, dance, pilates or yoga, whatever pleases your senses, gives you the motivation to stay active and gets your sweat on, here you will get a dose of everything. Feeling charged up already? Cool! Bring your “rough n tough” soul ...

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