9 Essential Hair Care Tips Every Woman Would Adore

The more lustrous her locks are the more attractive she looks. Since ages, the immemorial beauty of a woman is intertwined with her hair. For girls, their hair is as important as their dresses. This is possibly why you take so much of time in front of a mirror doing your hair.

A great hairstyle can make your look for the evening so that nobody can take eyes off you. Remember Cinderella from your childhood memories? You can look no less than her. But would it be possible without a brilliant hairdo? It is so not possible. For styling your hair the way you want you should have healthy and shiny hair.

Know the factors likely ruining your hair


Importance of hair care cannot be overlooked for a single day.  With given fact that neither the lifestyle nor the diet is conducive to hair wellness, your tresses are bound to suffer problems. Keeping your eyes shut towards the causes that contribute to the bad health of your hair would not do any good to it.

It is high time to see what wrong you have been doing knowingly and unknowingly with your tresses.

  • Old age- It is though not in your hand but it is the major contributing factor to the deteriorated hair growth.
  • Imbalanced diet- Deficiencies of Vitamin A, E, K and other minerals and protein lead to hair loss and other hair sufferings.
  • Hormonal imbalance- This usually happens with women during pregnancy and after menopause.
  • Environmental factors- Change in season, exposure to sunlight, dirt, dust and pollutants invite myriad of hair problems.
  • Physical stress- Most of us do this to our hair and regret for long. Usage of excessive hair products and styling equipment is not at all favorable for your hair health.
  • Psychological matters- Psychological matters like stress, anxiety and trauma can prove to be damaging to your mane.
  • Medicines- Certain medicines like anti-depressants and blood thinners can take your hair’s beauty away.

Do’s of proper mane maintenance


Have you got curls inherited from your father’s family or you have straight as silk hair from your beautiful mom?

Any kind of hair you have you should be paying attention to what you eat, how you style and more.

1. Always protect your hair- There is a lot of abuse your hair has to go through. Every time you step out of your home sun is there. It might not be visible but the UV rays can damage it to a great extent. Similarly wind, rain are not friends of your locks. Protect them with fancy accessories like hats, scarfs and umbrellas.

2. Be careful when it is wet- To stop unnecessary hair loss one should act careful with wet hair. What do you do after washing your hair? Most of us in hurry to leave either blow dry them or comb them before they are dry. Wet hair being more fragile should not be brushed immediately. Shafts and roots of the wet hair are far more vulnerable to damage.

3. Dry hair with caution- Rightly placed after the previous point. One should know the finest way to dry hair. One who acts in hurry loses more of them. So be patient and pat them dry with a clean towel and allow them to dry naturally before you start brushing them.

4. Conditioning- Many of you would nod their head in a yes for this. But do you do it the right way? As important it is to condition your tresses regularly emphasis should be on doing it the right way. Conditioners are meant for your hair but not the scalp. Apply it at a distance of about 2 inches from your scalp.

5. Oil it often- Buttering your seniors in office may or may not help but moisturizing your hair is a must to do for shining locks. Focus on oiling your scalp only. Dripping oil from the shafts will not help anyways.

6. Prepare hair masks at home- Sometimes women are afraid of visiting salons and spas for the unhygienic tools and towels they use there. Don’t worry you can deep condition and repair the hair loss right at your home. Find out the suitable hair mask recipe over the internet and enjoy a great smoothening session with kitchen ingredients like honey, yogurt, eggs and more.

Don’ts of Hair growth that work wonders

Certainly, you have to follow the right practices of hair care but simultaneously you will have to restrict yourself from doing these:

7. Using different products on hair- If you use shampoo and conditioner of same line they can benefit your hair fast and better. Formulation of these would be done similarly for a single objective. Instead of picking up two different products prefer using same line shampoo and conditioner.

8. Tying up hair tight- It is totally not recommended to braid your hair tight at night. Either braid your hair loosely. Letting them open for the night can create knots. Also, you should not use tight hair ties because they cause breakages.

9. Use heated water to wash- Hot water is not at all good for washing your hair. It is as bad as heat styling methods. Therefore you should use cold (normal water) in all seasons. Water at room temperature is the best.

You can now fulfill your dream of having long and gorgeous hair with the above given simple yet effective tips.

Annie Johnson

Annie Johnson with a total experience of 9 years, is currently working as a content strategist at Herbalcart.com, a US based company offering a wide range of genuine and natural products for well-being, radiant skin, and weight loss. A specialist in content creation and promotion, she enjoys wearing the project management hat.

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