8 DIY Quirky Bedroom Revamp Ideas That’ll Make You Wear Hearts On Eyes

If you’re someone bitten by creative bug then spending dollars on a rustic lamp or buying clean & edgy furniture might not interest you. Right? Also, there are college students who want to make their hostel bedroom, an artful site where ideas remain and stress is scared off. But wait! Do you need a bank account of millions in it or a parent who doesn’t mind lavishly spending off money on your itsy-bitsy? No! Sure, you don’t have to bother if you’ve us to fill you up with amazing DIY ideas to change your world.

“Home is where the heart is.” – It’s time to bring your heart back to home!

1.A Fluffy Rug To Entice You

If there’s something that fills an incomplete space then it has to be a fluffy rug that compliments the beauty of your furniture and wall paint. If you’ve not being able to find THE ONE for your room then it’s time to make it! Take 4 rugs of 3’x5’ size that are of color suiting your room. In case you’re not sure then it’s never a bad time to go with bright and bold or subtle shades of green/blue/pink. Combine the rugs using nylon ropes in a cross pattern.


2.Lamps & Renovation are like Husband-Wife, They Complete Each Other.

A DIY-Lamp can turn your boring room into a dreamy sequence. It’s about the elemental touch that could uplift lights. From various ideas floating around, here’s the simplest you could attempt. Take a mesh wires frame (Round or Square). Take a string of LED light and start placing it, border by border. You can use tapes to stick them on place or wind them around the mesh. Now fill cotton over the empty space using glue. Now, fix flowers on the mesh frame. That’s the mini garden to put above your bed side.


3.Walls To Protect, Walls So Perfect

Until now, it was believed, dark colors will make the room look small and don’t generate positive vibes. However, decorators are trying to change it with their approach. Want to know more? Going with Olive to Dark Green shade or Royal Blue to Coral, are most of the designers’ favorite because they provide good base to work with yellow, off-white, golden and silver artwork.


4.Bedding: Messy But Not Random

Your bed is the most loved attribute of your room. Spending Sundays dating your bed – simply wow! Let’s pep that up with shades of soothing off-whites covering your linens, cushion covers, blankets and more. It simply adds warmth and classiness to the room with dark walls and lively designs.


5.Add An Elemental Basket On Your Table

You might not know, but your little clutter on table causes a lot of mess. Your keys, rings, charges, pencils and erasers and what not! For keeping them close to each other, tabletop baskets are best option. Make one for yourself using little Bushel Basket. Take out some strips from it to give an open look. Stain the outside with a tan color. Properly paint its inside with gray paint and use dry brush to paint the outside which gives it a rustic, old-school look. That’s it! Keep flowers, little things, or anything that you never found a proper place for.


6.Photo Gallery Of Everything Sugar & Spice

If you’re not a big fan of photo gallery (Really?) then you can always use this to display your affection for your favorite music band, role model, family & friends or anything that inspires goodness in you. Take a metal frame (5’x5’) and wind wires/thread on it. Attach, 4”x4” photos on them using paper pins. To lighten up, use string of LED lights and there you go.


7.Plants Are Not Just About Oxygen But Sustainability

There’s nothing uncool about indoor plants. They add value and quality to your life. In fact, these little things help you to shut down blues and instill calmness in you. Take glass bottles, wrap them with polyester rope using glue and plant any of the following house plants in your room:

  • Lush Tropical Peach Lily
  • Shibori Spiral Bamboo
  • White Marble Pothos
  • Guardian Angel Plant

8.Give Your Bedroom Door A Nice Bang Of Colors

Bedroom doors are usually white or dark brown. Ever wondered what you can do about these boring textures shattering your happy mood? Paint them! The world is going crazy for offbeat and sensational colors like wine, hot pink, pale violet red, light coral, rosewood, crimson, turquoise and much more! Let that door open into a room full of ideas and life.


Takeaway Note:

Buying antique and quirky items off the shelf of shops isn’t difficult but to give a touch of your style and idea will make your room even more personal. For more updates, stay tuned to the space.

Barbara Hale

The girl with ideas floats around New Jersey as an Interior Designer. She’s never afraid to poll her opinions on design, art and traveling. Her ideas are scent of life which is inspired by life, nature, beauty in disguise and little things. Writing about innovation and change is her favorite go-to topic. Follow her to know a lot about renovation, traveling and culinary trends from place to place.

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