11 Office Fitness Activities: We Like To Move It, Move It!

“Office stress and working environment leads to life threatening problems. However comfortable your rolling chair is, sitting in lounged or erect position for 9 hours is never going to be good for a long time. Companies are investing fortune to present gift of healthy life to their employees. Are you considerate enough?”

You can increase 25% of your productivity by just eating healthy and 15% by exercising daily. A healthy body exhibits its impact on not just body but also mind. It’s been approximated that overweight employees incur $73.1 billion on their companies. It’s also interesting to note that, Top 3 expectations of employees from their employers are:

1.Fitness Programs
2.Healthy On-Site Meal Services
3.Access To Gym/Training Classes

Clearly, your employees are not looking for materialistic gains. In fact, they want more health conscious services from your end. Does that mean you need to spend a major chunk of dollars from your revenues to buy FitBit watches to distribute?

Certainly, No! They might just have devices of their own and you went add to their mess. Instead of going techie and expensive, look at smaller and simpler ways to do it.

Here’s the list of Fitness Activities which you and your employees will enjoy:

1.Office Dog, The Charmer & Heart Warmer


A dog to make your employees go ‘awww’ is a wonderful thought to put in action. Make two or three or pack of furry beauties roam around the bays of your office and see how your employees will remain stress free.

2.Walk As Much As Possible


Managers can have walking meetings, employees can contest among themselves for scoring the maximum foot count every week and pre and post work time walks are some great ways to emphasize on walking. Keep minimalistic gift prizes for the winners.

3.Flexible Break Time


Nobody loves to get bounded by time for long. It adds up to the stress and also prompts them to lose proper diet in order to finish work. Flexible breaks will help them to go and vent out the stress with their colleagues. They can also spend some alone time while figuring out what isn’t working right in their upcoming presentation.

4.Fitness Section

Fitness Section

You may have a library section in your cafeteria or a garden to stroll around. How about giving this a twist? Purchase some workout sessions (CDs and DVDs) from famous trainers of Yoga, Pilates, Dance workouts and more and let your employees borrow it. Also, you can free up some space in your office building to create a gym exclusively for your employees. If that’s not possible, gift them fitness discounts on local gym membership.

5.What’s The Menu?


The quality of the food that you provide can be upgraded. Incorporate diet-specific options in your kitchen for your employees. Replace low-grade and cheap snacks with fruits and whole grain eateries. “One Get For Four” is a culture that is observed once a week in which every employee has to bring home-cooked food to the office.

6.Music In the Workplace


White noise, instrumental and background music act like peace maker when there’s a lot of chaos in the head. Once in a week or if your work environment allows for daily music evenings, then why not?

7.Escape Room


Catching up the fire of attention is Escape Rooms. Book one for your team and let them solve the mystery and show team spirit that is involved in the game.

8.Posture Improvement Exercises


Having a desk job isn’t spine-friendly. The hunched back and neck are the proof of what it does to your body. You need posture correction exercises every ones in a while. How about making this a routine in your office?

9.Conduct Marathon and Raise Money For Non-Profit Organization


You execute two well thought ideas in one stroke. A 3 or 5 miles Marathon for your employees that helps you to raise money as well, is a good initiative to take.

10.Weekend Sports


Many companies prefer a weekend sports over everything else. You can take up swimming, baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer or tennis. There’s no end to many options that are perfect for your teammates.

11.Gift Smart Water Bottles


“Solution for every problem is water.” This is so good to be true. Drinking 8 ounces of water is ideally what one wants but isn’t achieved at the end of the day. With smart water bottles, your employees will be able to track their hydration and water intake. Here are some options:

  • Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle
  • Thermos Hydration Bottle With Connected Smart Lid
  • Moikit Cuptime2

And many others to fit your affordability and functionality in demand. Subsidize or gift these amazing smart water bottles in next group activities or workplace party.

Aren’t these ideas exciting to implement? If you’re the boss or someone from HR department of your company then don’t think twice before trying them. Make your upcoming Wednesday, a ‘Wellness Wednesday’ or next Friday, a ‘Fantastic Friday’.

Annie Johnson

Annie Johnson with a total experience of 9 years, is currently working as a content strategist at Herbalcart.com, a US based company offering a wide range of genuine and natural products for well-being, radiant skin, and weight loss. A specialist in content creation and promotion, she enjoys wearing the project management hat.

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