11 Most Impressive Life Hacks That Make Your Life Easier And Faster

Life is not only about comforts, it is about challenges too. It will be instead better and progressive to say that it is about overcoming those challenges.

An old and famous proverb says “Necessity is mother of invention”. Our forefathers and ancestors have proven this time and again that how capable human minds are. Current generation itself is witness of many important inventions and innovations.

Importance of hacks and time management

The modern man has got an access to almost everything. There are so many machines and gadgets around us that make our life convenient and fast. There are still lot of people who complaint about getting less of time for themselves and their families.

It seems to be a race and everybody wants to win it. In all this hustle and bustle of life we often lose on work-life balance. For enjoying success and money you should have time. Time that you can enjoy with your family is the most appreciated time of your life. It is followed by only the ‘me-time’.

Whenever we stand in dire need of something we restlessly work towards it. Through this post it is a small attempt in the same direction. We have collated the best of life hacks that make your life easier, smoother and faster.

Smart Hacks That Simplify Your Life

These life hacks are not only quick and clever but commendably practical too for a common and a special man equally.
Try these and enjoy your life more.

Identify your luggage. Have ever got confused other’s luggage with yours or vice versa?
It is a common experience for frequent air travellers. On luggage belt when not sure you sometimes let go your own bag and then wait unnecessarily.

Instead of regretting you can simply tie a small piece of bright colored fabric. It will save your ample of time in checking whether it belongs to you or not and a lot of energy too unless it is too light to lift up.
This smart small tip also guides others with similar bag to leave it for the owner.


Infamous for losing contacts? Not everybody is good at storing business cards handed over to them. You may need some of them to approach back. Instead of collecting plethora of them, take a picture of the card as soon as it comes in your hand and then stay free of the fear of missing them.
You can of course later save the important ones in your phone directory.


Do shirt buttons bother you while ironing? Imagine you quickly want to leave for an urgent meeting and your iron stroke plucked out the button of your lucky shirt. Don’t give iron a chance to do that. Simply turn around your shirt and iron from the inner side of the shirt to shrine away any such possibilities.
It is way more convenient to iron it this way. Please try it at home.


How many dustbins? Some people may afford to have more than one dustbin in their kitchens. But mostly people want to have only one dustbin at their places. Trouble that is caused by rotten fruit juices and others can be soaked up with the help of an old newspaper.
Next time you empty your dustbin don’t forget to place old newspaper at the bottom.


Confused with similar looking keys? Do you waste time in trying keys at different doors of rooms in your house? Identify them easily by painting them with different nail enamels.
Pick up the right key from the key holder from now onwards.


Place bath soap and used clothes in same compartment. Place bath soap and used clothes in same compartment. Doing this will help you get rid of the foul smell that annoys you while travelling. Your clothes may smell as they are not dried up, washed or unwashed.


Stop stealing of pen at work place. Are you pissed of your colleague who borrows a pen without asking and never returns it back? Play a trick. Fill blue cartridge in red pen because people usually do not use red ink.


Are you having leftovers for lunch? Many times you want to have in lunch what you had in dinner last night. You can heat the leftovers better and evenly by spacing out a circle in middle.
Next time you put on your microwave for heating, make sure you draw a circle in your plate.


Pizza lovers save your pizza crust. Do you want to warm up your pizza before munching it? You can place a glass of water alongside pizza in microwave for preventing the pizza crust from getting hard to chew.


Arrange wardrobe to save space. Do you have more than enough clothes to store and manage? Get some more space in your drawer by placing clothes vertically side by side. Follow the same while packing your travel bag too.


Airplane mode of phone while you are not flying. Pondering why one should do it? Because it has more than one benefits. One you can quickly charge your phone on airplane mode. Secondly you can play games without getting disturbed by the ads with airplane mode on.
Hope all these will bring good changes in your lives. Stay active stay smart.


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