11 Fashion Rituals Every Fashionable Woman Follows Religiously

Ever felt jealous of those girls who look super fashionable 24/7? Ever wondered how they make heads turn with every look and seem like coming straight out of a magazine? You will be shocked to know that these smart women never try too hard to manage looking like a million bucks. The ‘one n only’ reason behind their strong fashion game are the 11 habits they swear by.

Understanding a woman’s appetite for fashion & glamor, this exclusive post is here to be your ‘Fashion Guru’. Whether you adore trendy style of supermodels like Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid or the wacky style of Gwen Stefani; whether you love surpassing looks donned by Charlize Theron and Beyonce or the royal style of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, these habits will let you live up all the styles.

Can’t wait to begin the classes? Here you go…

1.Planning Next Day Outfit The Night Before: Neither magic nor rocket science! Pulled-together ladies start by deciding what to wear the following day. Why? This saves them from running around in the morning with a stressed mind. Also, advanced planning ensures a more put-together choice that keeps them stand out from the usual boring crowd.


2.Having Plenty Of Time To Dress Up: Waking up three or four snooze alarms late should be replaced with utilizing morning to prepare the attire and fix hair the desired way. Why? This saves from running out of the house with wrong shoes, mismatched accessories or a button unfastened. Additional perk here are those extra precious minutes that allow adorning a unique piece of jewelry or adding the right belt for a polished look.


3.Following Other Stylish Women For Much Helpful Inspiration: Though these gorgeous girls have have their own look, they don’t step back from studying fashion icons and other fashionistas that kill it with their elegance & feminism. How they do that? Checking Instagram feed and keeping an eye on Pinterest to grab some effortless outfit ideas for office, parties, casual, holiday, festive, romantic date and other styles are two ways that help.


4.Dressing For the Weather: In the style department, dressing sensibly matters the most. Checking the weather before dressing up and leaving the house is an intelligent choice. For instance, there’s ‘The Weather Channel’ app that’s trusted by all the high-profile voguish women to keep away from dodging puddles in the wide-leg flares or trudging through the snow in heels.


5.Dressing For the Occasion: Ladies with dress code memo are undoubtedly the best dressed. They know what is apt for the occasion and thus, look polished and on point. For instance, wearing a miniskirt in a room with conservative looks is a blunder they never commit. Also, when going for an office party, they maintain distance from plunging neckline. Similarly, if going on a beach, you won’t ever see them in pair of heels or that shimmery dress.


6.Wearing Outfits That Fit & Flatter: Skinny jeans are something loved by every women. Then there are some personal favorite dresses that are loved by fashion conscious women from the bottom of their heart. Even though they love these chic apparels, they don’t carry them if the fit isn’t the same as it was earlier.


7.Anchoring The Look With Expensive-Looking Piece: While some women fail to impress even in a costly Channel outfit, there are others who turn a simple t-shirt and jeans into impossibly chic look. How? Apart from the right fit, these pretty divas elevate their dressing through a subtle way. For instance, they know the magic of a luxe bag, a special pair of earrings, magnificent accessory or a great leather belt. A more flamboyant look is achievable with just a single expensive-looking piece.


8.Knowing When to Wear Flats and When to Turn To Flats: Walking down the streets in high heels looks silly. Besides being fashionable women, these intelligent stylists stock their closet with sophisticated and comfortable footwear. They know when to go for pointed & polished flats and when to put on stilettos.


9.Keeping A Fashion Emergency Kit Handy: Despite double checking every essential, expecting the unexpected is an appreciable thing. Stylish women differ from the rest because they are always prepared to turn last minute flaws into perfection. Safety pins, band-aids, tide pen and double-stick tape help to fight a busted zipper, blisters and snagged hemline strikes.


10.Owning A Steamer: No matter how expensive the clothes are, they look cheap and shabby when wrinkled. Steamer works wonders than iron on most of the outfits. Apart from that, it is comfortable with the trickiest fabrics and silhouettes.


11.Staying True To Personal Style: Now this one is a principal rule – Chic women are proud of their own style and never ever bow to the trends. They always have classy stuff that’s flattering and posh enough to leave everyone spellbound. Whatever be the latest craze or season, they always have something to flaunt in their very signature way.


So, these are the fascinating habits fashionable girls live by. No matter what the situation is, they know how to put the best style foot forward and catch all the attention and compliments. You can also be like them and even better by adopting these fashion tricks and believing in yourself. Hurry up beautiful, it’s time to stun yourself and everyone else every time you step out.

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