10 Gadgets That Will Nail The Tech World In 2018

Have your heard of ‘Choice paralysis’? Whether you have or you haven’t, you must have been affected by it. Really? Yes dear, because this very term refers to a situation you face when a series of options make it difficult to decide what to buy and what to keep away from.

Technological world is bitten by the bug of choice paralysis the most. Be it a TV, phone or tablet, there are plethora of options that make the purchase process complex and indecisive.

Just like other years, this traditional nature would be seen this year too. Those much talked about gadgets will surround you with the confusion bubble. So, is there any way out to burst it? Fortunately, there is.

Check out this list of gadgets that are set to conquer the tech world in 2018. Pick your personal favorite ones and make them yours as soon as they hit the market. Without allowing the clock to strike another minute, dive into inventions that are simply, ‘creme de la creme’.

1. L’Oréal UV Sense
A cute little sensor, this wonderful piece of discovery is designed to detect ultraviolet exposure. Small in size, it can be wore comfortably on the fingernail. Its battery-free sensor includes a temperature sensor, an NFC antenna and a UV sensor.

Beauty of the sensor is its caliber to store up to three months of data. Besides, it conveys information to the accompanying app when the wearer’s smartphone is close to the device. Exposure levels are tracked by the app and suggestions to manage absorption of sun are provided.


2. Lenovo Smart Display
Computerization has evolved as a tool for better accuracy to have high precision products. Therefore, newer an This Google Assistant-powered Smart Display stands for streamlined and Amazon Echo Show.

The gadget is a voice-activated computer and features a screen that displays supplementary information. Next time when you want to ask Google about some plush restaurants, let your Smart Display pull up the best choices about the nearby eateries.

Three key advantages you get as bonus are: large screen and polished design that compliments the surroundings. Wondering about the third benefit? Play YouTube videos as per your heart’s content.


3. My Special Aflac Duck
With smart robotic toys taking over the world, this one pays tribute to education in the high-tech world. Responsible for a unique yet crucial job, this interactive toy provides comfort to children suffering from cancer. Mastermind behind developing it is Sproutel, a research and development workshop.

Duck allows children to mirror their daily care routines. Also, it pleases them by letting them express their feelings, as all they need to do is hold a circular token to its chest. With that, their corresponding emotions can be understood.

For instance, holding a token with either a cheerful face or sad face, the duck will show the reaction accordingly. A sense of companionship is offered to the kids when they undergo treatment.


4. Philips SmartSleep
Undeniably, this headband will give you much more than sound sleep. How? It will let you get the most out of your sleep by emitting a tone that improves slow wave sleep. Wondering what this ‘wave thing’ is? This scientific term signals to the stage in the sleep cycle during which the brain waves as well as breathing, slow to lowest levels.

In the words of Philips, “this type of sleep can help boost alertness and the ability to maintain focus”. The device has two sensors to detect when you fall asleep and identifies when you step into the deep sleep zone. An algorithm then customizes the volume along with level of the tone emitted in a manner that enhances slow wave activity inside the brain.


5. Uvify Draco HD Racing Drone
Get your hands on this must to have beast in 2018. Draco HD is a high-performance and modular drone designed exclusively for freestyling, racing and hard-core aerial cinematography. This phenomenal bird is designed to hit 100 mph as fast as blink of an eye. Design standard is maintained to let you swap out subcomponents.


6. Electron Wheel
Now you can electrify your bike in a short span of 30 seconds. Make Electron Wheel yours and replace your bicycle’s front wheel, transforming it into a full-featured ebike. Mind-boggling features include top speed of 20 miles per hour, active hill assist and battery that provides up to 50 miles of range. If you want more, there’s Google Assistant integration to find directions for you when you are riding. Is it all? Nope, as you can also adjust the amount of pedal assist. Want to know the best part? You can do it all with nothing more than voice commands.


7. Jlab Epic Sport Wireless Fitness Earbuds
If your eyes are set upon finding a pair of reliable headphones you can workout with, this one is meant just for you. Not only it is wireless but comes with an impressive battery that lasts 12-hour. Other features include an IP66 rating that safeguards from dust, dirt and sweat. Then there are memory wire ear hooks that can be formed to fit the ears comfortably. Being a revolutionary gadget in itself, Jlab Epic Sport Wireless Fitness Earbuds is built with Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX. What does that mean? Well, you can listen up to 30 feet away from your device and control everything be it play, skip tracks, change volume, pause, answer/hangup calls or anything, with the in-line remote.


8 .Linksquare
A handheld device, Linksquare lets you scan and identify drinks, food, medicines or anything composed of physical matter in either solid or liquid state. The gadget follows neat-infrared spectroscopy, a process that involves shining a near-infrared light on the surface of subject material. This results in molecules vibrating and bouncing back light in their own way. The reflected light collects and passes through a spectrometer, separating the light in different wavelengths it has. Determination of unique optical signature of the scanned material enables the device to figure out what it is made of.


9. Laser Christmas Lights Projector With Remote Control
Climbing ladders to hang up the Christmas lights with dozens of bulbs is going to be the thing of the past now. This easy to use gadget covers up to 650 square feet, which means you can depend on it for Christmas, parties, holiday entertainment, landscape decoration and other events where your desire is making outside or inside of your place look exquisite and celebratory. Watch your house or garden shining bright in the very captivating red and green lights.


10. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (With Suction Pad)
Take sing-along shower sessions to new level with this waterproof baby. Its suction pad makes it stick to any shower wall. Coming to the the large buttons the device has, they allow access to various controls such as play, skip forwards/backwards, pause, etc. Other than being water resistant, the icy cool gadget has a built-in mic that lets you answer calls in the shower/bath. Thanks to its compatibility with Android, iPhone and other Bluetooth enabled digital players, the device works without discriminating the make and model of your mobile device.


We are sure these mind-blowing gadgets would have left you speechless. No matter how tech advanced you are and how rich your gadget collection is, if these devices are not in your kitty, don’t call yourself a tech guru. On that note, gear up for some tech shopping.

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