10 DIY Makeup Hacks To Turn Every Girl’s Life A Beautiful Heaven

10 DIY Makeup Hacks To Turn Every Girl’s Life A Beautiful Heaven

 Ladies, don’t sob. Yes, one broken nail hurts, unequal eyeliner frightens and bad hair day? Don’t turn blue! This article is all for you. Let’s straighten out all the makeup problems in single stroke; once and for all times. How? This curated list has all DIY tips for beauties who want nothing but perfection.

1. Rescue a Cracked Nail

Rescue a Cracked Nail

Tremendous amount of pain is felt when the cracked nail appears on one of your fingers. You would wish your heart on it so that it doesn’t break. Rescue it by taking just a small piece of tea bag! Yes, a tea bag fabric could save your poor nail. Place it on your cracked nail and apply a few coats of clear nail paint on it. That’s it. Cut out the rest of the fabric and go by your day as usual.

2. Lipstick-cum-Blush


Blush is the game changer. It brings the shine and softness on your face just as a stroke of brush adds a tint of rosiness on your cheeks. But what if you missed out packing your blush cake in your vanity bag? Fret not! Just run a layer of your pink to red lipstick on your skin with foundation over it and blend it well with your blender. There you go with the perfect look!

3. Dream of Voluminous Lashes

Dream of Voluminous Lashes

Fluttering your lashes has its own charm. A careful dance of stares in any party without your lashes doing the magic? Impossible. But what if your mascara is not enough? Your friend would suggest going with fake lashes. How about the hack? To create voluminous lashes, rub the mascara brush on your lash, sprinkle some baby powder and again rub another layer of mascara over it.

4. Wings on Your Eyes

Wings on Your Eyes

Your love for winged eyeliner may be huge but getting it right will be a task to deal with. You can use a clear tape to get the defined look. Put a piece of tape on both sides of your eyes; right at the tip of your eyes. Use a scale to correctly place the tape on both sides. Now make the wing without the fear of staggering ends. Once it gets dried, take off the tape.

5. Pencil Kohl to Gel

Pencil Kohl to Gel

Pencil liners are not that great when it comes to applying a dark outline. Want to replace your usual liner with gel without spending a dime on it? Sharpen your pencil eyeliner and place a lighter on its tip. Heat the tip for 20-25 seconds and apply it before it cools down.

6. Big Eyes Effect

Big Eyes Effect

Animated princesses and Barbie dolls have one thing in common – The Big Baby Eyes! While not all humans are blessed with eyes that stand out but what’s the hack meant for? Don’t put your mascara near your nose. Applying it on 3/4th of lashes is a good rule to go with. Also, don’t put kohl on your full waterline. Leave the part near your nose. Touch of highlighter on starting of eyes would intensify your look.

7. Treat Your Flat Head

Treat Your Flat Head

Running your hair strands in water might not be an immediate option for you to get rid of oily hair causing flat head. What to do? Take baby powder and sprinkle it on your head. Put your hair down, massage the head and puff up the hair. This would fill air between your strands while powder will soak the oil. Don’t comb too much as it ultimately brings back the oil from the scalp.

8. Superhero in Town – Vaseline

Superhero in Town - Vaseline

You might have no idea but Vaseline can be your love of life; forget boys! Follow up the tricks and apply it on:

  • Pulse before spraying perfume to help it last longer
  • Lashes before you go to bed to help them grow longer
  • Cheeks with your lipstick to replace your blush
  • Split ends to avoid hair cut

9. Cake up the Un-cake-ed Make Up Palette

Cake up the Un-cake-ed Make Up Palette

Traveling is great but for your makeup palettes, it could be a nightmare. Packing your Sephoras and M.A.C. in your rustic bag pack and going on the bumpy ride can turn terribly wrong. Never mind, don’t let your money drain down as you can simply put a drop of glycerin and take a coin covered with tissue to pressurize the cake back into shape.

10. For Everything Else – Coconut Oil

For Everything Else - Coconut Oil

If gorgeous-ifying your hair with hot coconut oil massage was the only trick you were told then level up. There’s so much more you can do with coconut oil. Look down:

  • Shave your legs with coconut oil for shining look and smooth feel
  • Put it on eczema skin patches
  • Create your own lip gloss by melting coconut oil with eye shadow
  • Strengthen your cuticles and nails with massage of oil

All you gorgeous ladies out there, this list is your best friend in disguise. You can keep this article in your tab or bookmark it for later use.

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